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John Seymour - Bibliography

The Hard Way To India (1951) - the story of John's overland trip after the war (with photos)

Round About India (1955) - his account of his year long travel around India and Ceylon (with photos)

Boys In The Bundu (1955) - a great children's adventure story set in Africa, illustrated by Sally

One Man's Africa (1956) - John's pre-war African experiences, with new insight after a return visit in 1954 (with photos)

Sailing Through England (1956) - in a Dutch barge 'Jenny the Third', illustrated by Sally

The Fat of the Land (1961) - the Seymours' first forays into self-sufficiency in Suffolk, illustrated by Sally

On My Own Terms (1963) - a fascinating autobiography up to his move to Suffolk

Willynilly To The Baltic (1965) - John's trip in 'Willynilly', an open 18ft Yorkshire coble, across the North Sea to Belgium, around the waterways of Holland and Germany and into the Baltic to explore the islands of Sweden and Denmark with Sally and daughter Jane (with photos)

Voyage Into England (1966) - a four month trip around the canal systems of England and Wales with the family, with illustrations by Sally

The Companion Guide To East Anglia (1970) - still in print to this day!

The Book Of Boswell: Autobiography Of A Gypsy (1970) - edited by John, this is the story of Sylvester Gordon Boswell

About Pembrokeshire: The Land Of Enchantment (1971) - a brief guide to the county including work by local artists

Self-Sufficiency (1973) - the forerunner to 'The Complete Book', beautifully illustrated by Sally

The Companion Guide To The Coast Of South West England (1974)

The Companion Guide To The Coast Of North East England (1974)

The Companion Guide To The Coast Of South East England (1975)

The Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency (1976) - the best-selling manual

Bring Me My Bow (1977) - essays on the absurdities of modern life

The Countryside Explained (1977) - a view of the countryside, illustrated by Sally

Keep It Simple (1977) - a collection of John's articles for Resurgence magazine

I'm A Stranger Here Myself: The Story Of A Welsh Farm (1978) - the sequel to The Fat of the Land as the Seymours cross Britain to continue farming in Wales. Cover illustration by Sally

The Self-Sufficient Gardener (1978) - a very clear and concise gardening book

John Seymour's Gardening Book (1978) - a children's gardening book

Gardener's Delight (1978) - a compendium of gardener's lore

On My Own Terms (1980) (revised edition) - reworking of his autobiography with his early years removed

Getting It Together: A Guide For New Settlers (1980) - practical advice for downshifters

The Lore Of The Land (1982) - practical advice on land husbandry, beautifully illustrated by Sally

The Smallholder (1983) - the story of four smallholdings with Sally's illustrations (series of 3)
The Shepherd (1983) - shepherding tales with Sally's illustrations (series of 3)
The Woodlander (1983) - the stories of five woodlanders with Sally's illustrations (series of 3)

The Forgotten Arts (1984) - a practical guide to traditional skills

Far From Paradise: The Story Of Human Impact On The Environment (with Herbert Girardet) (1986) - from the TV series of the same name, a look at human impact on the environment

Blueprint For A Green Planet (with Herbert Girardet) (1987) - a practical guide to restoring the world's environment

The National Trust Book Of Forgotten Household Crafts (1987)

England Revisited: A Countryman's Nostalgic Journey (1988) - John rediscovers parts of England

The Ultimate Heresy (1989) - a discussion on man's effects on nature through the ages

Changing Lifestyles: Living As Though The World Mattered (1991) - examples of the way we can all make a difference

Rural Life (Pictures From The Past - Series) (1991) - photo book, text by John

Blessed Isle: One Man's Ireland (1992) - John's move to Ireland with personal and historical detail

Seamarks (with Connie Lindqvist) (1995) - a small collection of John's poetry

Retrieved From The Future (1996) - a novel. 'Every city-based civilisation before our own has collapsed. This is the story of what happens to one little corner of England when the inevitable crash occurs...'

Rye From The Water's Edge (with Connie Lindqvist) (1997) - more of John's poetry

Playing It For Laughs: A Book Of Doggerel (1999) - a collection of poems, illustrated by Kate Seymour

The Forgotten Arts and Crafts (2001) - an amalgamation of two previously released titles

The New Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency (2002) - a slightly updated version of the original with different artwork

There have been various editions of 'The New Complete Book Of Self-Sufficiency' and 'The New Self-Sufficient Gardener' printed posthumously.

'The Fat of the Land' has never been out of print since it was first published in 1961. The latest edition with an afterword by Anne, John's daughter, was published by Carningli Press in 2011 and has the original cover from 1961. It is available from this site and from all good bookshops.

'I’m a Stranger Here Myself', originally published in 1978, was reprinted by Carningli Press in 2011 with a new foreword. This book is the sequel to 'The Fat of the Land'. It is available from this site and from all good bookshops.

There are plenty of articles written by John over the years, published in magazines including The Geographical Magazine, Blackwood's Magazine, Yachts and Yachting, Fourth World Review, Resurgence and various smallholders and farming magazines.

John's television and radio shows are unavailable but include:
'The Lost Wilderness' (1970s) - a series following in George Borrow's footsteps through Wales,
'Where Do We Go From Here?' (1970s) - a show documenting the plight of Britain's gypsies,
and 'Far From Paradise' (1986) - a series with Herbert Girardet looking at human impact on the world's environment.

'The Good Life' by Paul Peacock is an interesting read, a few errors in John's biography but some astute observations on John's philosophy.