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Anne Seymour - Biography

I am the daughter of John and Sally Seymour, born in Suffolk in 1957. I had a very creative and colourful childhood there, and then, from the age of six, in Pembrokeshire.
I got married and brought up two children on a smallholding with no electricity, running hot water or money for twelve years.

I married again and we still run a smallholding with a large garden and a few animals. I look after my mother, who is very disabled after a stroke, my husband, and our third child, who is now fifteen, and take good notice of our older two who live and work in England.

I am also a potter.

I studied Woven Textile Design in Carmarthen College of Art for three years and, between children, a years HND art course in Cardigan. When I had small children I made and sold basketwork, children's soft shoes, and a selection of other craft and artwork. I made most of my children's clothes, as well as helping to build our house and run a smallholding. I milked cows, made butter and cheese, looked after pigs and chickens, and grew and processed vegetables.

The people who have influenced me most in my life are my father John Seymour, author and fearless adventurer; my mother Sally, well-known artist, potter and indomitable pioneer; my grandfather Frank Medworth, painter, printmaker and Principal of Sydney Art School; my grandmother Muriel, potter and textile designer; my sister Jane, ceramicist and house builder; my sister Kate, sculptor and painter; my brother Dai, fine woodworker and builder; my brother-in-law Julian, ceramicist and healer; my ex-husband John Brown, Cardigan chairmaker and philosopher; my husband David, a fine woodworker; and my three children Badger, Molly and Owen, all beautiful, talented and brave. Not forgetting those few million people in all walks of life who, against all odds, do not give up in the struggle to achieve their dreams.

Before she had a stroke my mother was a successful potter and illustrator, and taught me how to make and decorate pots.
My pottery is mostly hand-built, sometimes thrown or moulded. I use a variety of clay bodies and slips and I decorate each pot individually. The inspiration for my designs is mostly from my immediate environment, from growing and found objects in the natural world.

You can see my pottery in the Sessions Gallery in Newport, Pembrokeshire. For further information please email me.

Anne 2009