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Sally Seymour - Biography

Sally was born in London in 1933.

Her father, Frank Medworth, was an acclaimed artist and lecturer. He has collections of work in Britain and Australia including Camberwell College of Art, Hull College of Art and the National Art School in Sydney, Australia, where he was Principal from 1939 - 1947. He wrote popular books on animal and figure drawing.

Her mother, Muriel was a potter, painter and textile designer.

Sally illustrated her first book when she was an art student in Sydney. It was highly commended in the 1951 Australian Book of the Year Awards. After her father died she moved back to London with her mother and found work decorating pottery for the festival of Britain, after which she started making and decorating pottery of her own. She continued to make pottery, illustrate and paint until recently, and her work is much sought after and admired, in this country and in Australia.

Sally married John Seymour in 1954, and in 1961 they wrote a book called 'The Fat of the Land' together. It was to be one of many books written by John and illustrated by Sally. Their working partnership was successful until he died.

Sally has common sense and resourcefulness which has carried her through adventurous, pioneering, and sometimes difficult periods of her life. She and John have travelled to and across the Baltic in a tiny Northumberland coble with a baby, been around a lot of Britain in a horse and cart and travelled for months on the British waterways making radio programmes and writing books. She has more or less lived off a smallholding, and has had to make and grow much of what she needed for a growing family. She has had to manage sometimes with very little money, and her pottery and illustrative work kept the family afloat through many difficult times.

In 1988 she went to Australia where she battled the elements, snakes, spiders and white ants and built up a smallholding on her own. She also established herself as an artist of some importance in a new country.

Her indomitable spirit has stood her in good stead throughout her life, and never more so as when she had a stroke a week before John died in 2004. This has left her unable to talk and paralysed on her right side. With steely determination she has battled on and her progress has been remarkable. No-one would have thought that she would have attained the quality of life, and achieved as much as she has done in the subsequent years.

Her new found left-handed drawing skills have added a further dimension to her work. She hopes to have an exhibition of new work in the near future.

Prints of Sally's book illustrations and watercolours can be seen at the Sessions Gallery in Newport, Pembrokeshire. They are also available through the website shop.