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26.11.2010 - If only...

If a tree was planted for each Coca Cola sold we would reforest the earth in three years.

18.11.2010 - Solar panels need sun and so do I

Our panels are up and running. The worst time of year for light but roll on next spring and summer. It feels good to be producing rather than just consuming. I think that statement could be applied to most things really.

We have been bizarrely entertained by the latest TV offering 'Giles and Sue live The Good Life'. A strange revisiting of the equally strange 1970s show 'The Good Life' which was inspired by John Seymour's 'The Fat of the Land'. Sue Perkins seems to be rather more tuned in to the idea of self-sufficiency than Giles Coren. I think the only good use for Giles would be to compost him but I'm not sure he'd be good for the land. Seriously though, we are all going to have to grow more food soon and get used to using and buying less. These shows, however flippant, do raise some awareness of important issues.

A big thank you to Samuel, a wwoofer, who helped me cut and split some of next year's firewood - diolch yn fawr.

09.11.2010 - solar panels and chillies...

Solar PV panels are nearly up and running, I'll post some pictures soon. It's very exciting, if only the sun would come out!
The picture is of a chilli plant earlier this year, before the one night killer frost nearly got them. The seed came from Sicily via a neighbour, it's a great chilli. The house has been thick with chilli fumes as I have been making chilli jams and pickles this week.