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07.12.2013 - John's interview with ANC leader in 1954

When John Seymour was in South Africa researching for his book "One Man's Africa'" in 1954, he interviewed Chief Albert Mvumbi Luthuli for the BBC. Chief Luthuli, as president-general of the African National Congress (ANC), speaks about multi-racial democracy in South Africa and the action the ANC can take to make this happen. This recording was made secretly, as Luthuli was forbidden by the South African government to give interviews. Nelson Mandela was deputy president of the ANC at the time.

In 1960, Chief Luthuli became the first African to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He had been ANC president-general since 1952. Despite huge restrictions placed on him by the government, Luthuli campaigned vigorously against apartheid. This recording was smuggled out of South Africa and part of it was broadcast by the BBC after Luthuli had won his prestigious award.

Have a listen, bbc archive

03.12.2013 - one of Sally's cards...

Just thought I'd post this, after seeing a murmuration of starlings yesterday.