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22.05.2010 - wwoofers,polytunnel and hot,hot sun

A busy week, mostly gardening. Tom the wwoofer has spurred me on to sort out the compost heaps. The polytunnel is planted up and the new replacement tunnel has had it's foundation tubes cemented in at last. The herb garden has had a makeover, couch grass removal, creeping buttercup and bindweed free. Annie has worked wonders on the raised beds.
The weather is spectacular, what a wonderful world we live in.

11.05.2010 - May blossom

Garden is taking shape now. Green leaves everywhere waiting for some warmth to go with the sunny weather.
Spring flowers have been beautiful this year, they all waited for some rain and then bang, they all came out at once, breathtaking.
Taking a trip up to the Smallholder Show in Builth Wells this weekend. Never made it up there before, looking forward to a day out.
Lots to do...