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12.09.2010 - wwoofers, sun and mussels

The Green Man festival seems a long time ago now. Good fun if a bit soggy. Now the schools have gone back and the grockles have departed the sun has returned. We have picked the first mussels of the season, an 'r' in the month at last! They were huge and delicious. The polytunnels are still producing large amounts and the raised beds are returning to productivity after a very wet August. The new polytunnel has been mucked and covered and will be planted in earnest next season. Dominik and Anne-Sophie, our wwoofers, have also helped clear overgrown areas and weeded the brassicas, leeks and other winter veg.

12.09.2010 - snakes...

Just uncovered the muck heap and discovered some newly hatched grass snakes, beautiful. Isn't nature wonderful.